"Alliance of Scifi-Establishments"

What is the TerraNet Alliance?

TerraNet is a network of Scifi-related establishments which participate in a unified network of shops, groups, museums, and organizations.  This project is headed up by TerraCo Designs and Star Trek Industries and is powered by Novatech.  Each participating member is required to have a TerraNet terminal in a high-traffic part of their establishment which will enable the user to browse through all of the stores and locations in the terminal.  These terminals will serve as a method of  reating traffic flow sharing which will benefit all involved.  Essentially, this network is an in-world 'banner exchange' program.  Completely free of charge for all participants.

Joining the TerraNet Alliance

If you are interested in joining the TerraNet Alliance, you may contact Chase Quinnell or send an email.  To qualify, the location you are submitting must be Scifi or Gadget themed and cannot contain questionable or unsavory materials.  Each submitted location will be reviewed by a TerraCo representative.  It is advisable that you provide the representative with a personal tour if possible.  If you can't, then we will take a tour of the establishment ourselves.  Providing a tour is merely a way for you to better show us your positives in a more personal and 'promotional' way.

Getting your TerraNet Terminal

All participating stores and establishments are required to have a TerraNet terminal in a high-traffic location.  These terminals serve as a link between all members of the TerraNet Alliance and serve to allow customers to browse through the lists of locations.  This in turn will provide a flow of traffic between these locations.  This is a completely free service and only requires placement of a 9 prim terminal in a relatively high traffic portion of your establishment.

To request placement of a TerraNet terminal and to set up your establishment's display image and information, contact Chase Quinnell.

Participating Locations

To see an up-to-date listing of all currently available locations on the network, click here.


Chase Quinnell, CEO of TerraCo Designs & TerraNet
Jeffery Biedermann, CEO of Star Trek Industries and co-founder of TerraNet
Email: Send an Inquiry