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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a database of frequently asked questions.  If your question is not answered here, please file a ticket or Visit the Marketplace Site

Some information is out of date.  Last updated 2015.
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01 I want to sell TerraCo Products You may buy a vendor or contact us. Affiliate Network 
02 I accidentally bought an item twice. Can I get a refund? Contact us about the product you purchased twice and we'll refund you for the extra purchase.  Support 
03 Can I get a refund? Refunds are given only when there has been a mechanical or technical failing on our part. Exceptions are listed within this FAQ. Support 
04 I did not receive my purchase. You can try using the Redelivery Terminal at the main TerraCo Store. If that doesn't work, file a ticket or contact me. Support 
05 Could you rent at my mall? If you want me to rent at your mall, then you'll have to agree by my terms. Vendor Placement 
06 My rental unit kicked me out. If you didn't keep up on payments, that's what happens. Rentals 
07 Do you provide support for items that I got from a third-party that you made? No. Anything you have not directly purchased from my vendors, my Marketplace listings, or from me directly, I will not provide service or any form of assistance. This especially applies to items you may have received in a group quartermaster's office. Support 
08 Can I advertise at your store? No, as we do not currently have our own parcel/building. Advertisements (old link) 
09 Can I place a custom order? Yes, but we are very selective on what custom orders we can fulfill. Custom Order 
10 I want to stop receiving these messages you keep sending me. You're probably a member of one of TerraCo's hippoGROUPS. You may leave them by visiting our main store or visiting the hippoTECH website. hippoGROUPS Login 
11 I rented a rental unit, but I can't place my vendor. You need to be a member of the TerraCo & STI Investment group. Contact Chase Quinnell in-world. Rentals 
12 My resale vendor isn't working. You may get another copy from our main store, from XStreetSL, or by contacting us. Affiliate Network 
13 Can I have a "take home" vendor so I can browse products at home? Yes, you may purchase one on or at one of our stores. Affiliate Network 
14 Can I have an item made for wide-distribution? Yes, we make uniforms, shirts, com huds, etc. for mass distribution in groups, fleets, and organizations. Quartermaster Department 
15 How can I stay informed on news and product releases from TerraCo? You may join our UserGroup or our in-world SL group "TerraCo Designs" TerraCo UserGroup 
16 Can I have a demonstration of one of your products? Sure. Just contact Chase Quinnell in-world or via email and arrange a meeting. Support 
17 What is TerraNet TerraNet is a free network of scifi-themed malls, shops, and other locations in SL.  TerraNet 
18 Can I have full perms? Maybe for extra money? No. There are no circumstances or amounts which will earn you full perms to anything, unless you're willing to fork over something like 500USD... Support 
19 I want to buy a uniform. Send it to PO Box.... We do not sell uniforms in real life. Everything on this site is virtual material. The only exceptions are our SWAG / Zazzle items. Products 
20 What is TerraNado? TerraNado is a subsidiary of TerraCo Designs run by Drazen Graves. Drazen specializes in starship modeling in SL. Currently, he runs a vendor at the flagship store. In-World 
21 I keep getting product announcements and advertisements, how do I make them stop? Visit our main store location and use the Usergroup terminals (or the ones labeled product announcements) or contact Chase Quinnell to be removed. If you want web-control, visit the link hippoGROUPS Login 
22 I keep getting Freebie Pack updates, how do I make them stop? Try visiting our main store location and use the "Freebie Group" terminals or contact Chase Quinnell for manual removal. To get web-control of your membership of this group, visit the link. hippoGROUPs Login 
23 My item says I am blacklisted. There's probably a reason you're blacklisted. If you think this is in error, send a ticket or IM Chase Quinnell Support 
24 My affiliate vendor isn't working. Some vendors have been deactivated or discontinued. Others may contain bugs. If you're not sure, contact me. Support 
25 My giftcard is not working. It didn't discount my purchase. Did you buy from a vendor marked "TERRACO DESIGNS"? Is it owned by Chase Quinnell? Were you wearing/rezzed the gift voucher at the time of purchase? Did you click yes on the drop down asking whether to use the voucher? Did you have money left on the voucher? Was the vendor a paneled vendor (not a single item unit)? If no to any of these, then that's likely the problem. If you still have an issue, contact me. Support 
26 Terra Aeronautics & TerraCo are the same? No. Terra Aeronautics is owned by Cubey Terra and is completely separate from TerraCo designs.  Terra Aero site 
Showing 26 items