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Vendor Placement

Requesting an Official TerraCo Vendor in Your Mall

    If you're interested in having us place an official TerraCo vendor in your mall or establishment, then your location must abide by certain guidelines.  Our business prides itself in making sure it is presented and marketed to a favorable and suitable audience.   If you are interested in having us place a vendor, please see the guidelines and information below.

Vendor Placement Guidelines

  • Your mall should be  fairly well populated and have a decent level of traffic.
  • Your mall should be scifi or gadget related.
  • The rental prices must be reasonable for the setting and amount of traffic.  A low traffic area should have a lesser price.
  • Malls with questionable or unsavory advertisements, images, or vendors are generally out of the question.
  • The terms of service must be reasonable and within the abilities of TerraCo.

Information and FAQ

We are open to negotiations on just about anything.  As the above items are listed, they are guidelines, which means they're not necessarily gospel and law.  If you would like to talk and discuss anything, you can contact me.  You may contact me in-world or by emailing.  

Official TerraCo vendors are different from resale vendors in that resale vendors are privately owned entities, much like a local business may be privately owned but is still part of a larger company.  To see information about resale vendors, click here.