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Quartermaster Department

What we do UNAVAILABLE: Quartermaster services are not currently being offered.

    The TerraCo Quartermaster Department deals with making and distributing products to large groups and organizations.    The way we do this is by setting up vendors in a location of your choosing or by selling you a specified quantity of uniforms in no copy/transfer format, allowing you to buy as you need them.  Vendors will be owned and operated by a TerraCo staff-member, so any changes to the units would have to be submitted to the quartermaster.  The pay-per-copy option means that any additional copies of uniforms would usually require a pre-set fee per new copy.

I need a Quartermaster

    Before you request a quartermaster, please make sure you know how we function.

  • Dispenser Vendor
    • distributes with usual permission settings (copy/no transfer)
    • set up and owned by a TerraCo member
    • In some cases, a commission for every item distributed will charged to the person getting it (similar to the way DCS distribution units work).
      • Option A:  No Commission per purchase (increases the one-time payment from the orderer, but does not charge a fee for any copies dispensed to group members).  (Unavailable)
      • Option B:  Commission per purchase (similar to DCS, each copy dispensed charges a small fee to the receiver of the item; lowers the upfront one-time payment from the orderer).
  • Order individually (pay-per-copy)
    • comes in non-standard perms (no copy/transfer)
    • you must order whatever quantity you need at the time.  can always order more later
    • pay per copy (price will be determined during negotiations)
    • can return if unwanted
    • delivered directly to you by TerraCo.  No vendors, no middle-men.

NOTE:  We do NOT do full-perms under any circumstances regardless of whom you are.  

To order, send an in-world notecard and/or IM to Chase Quinnell or email