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    Customs are special interest projects which are created specifically for the customer.  These products differ from Custom Order products in that they are specially designed and heavily based on customer opinion.   Customs are a lot like swag websites which allow you to create custom shirts, mousepads, etc.   


    This is semi-inclusive list of all TerraCo Customs products.


    Ever wanted a Men of the Fleet calendar?  Maybe a Firemen of 2009 calendar suits your fancy?  Perhaps a calendar with all of your SL-family in it?   We will work with you one-on-one to provide you an in-world calendar for whatever purpose you desire with whatever photos you want.


        The cover-image and all month images must be provided full permission via email (see submission link below).   Please make sure that if you want customized backgrounds to take your photos using a "green screen."  To make a "green screen,"  put a wall behind your object.  Make sure no part of the actual surroundings show.  Set the wall to full bright and make the texture blank (SL's default white texture).  

    Days and Other Notations

        If you would like specialized dates, holidays, daily/monthly quotes, etc.  then please specify them in your submission.  If you do not provide any form of notation request, days will not be marked for any reason.  


    Need a promotional shirt for your upcoming event?  Want to have your company name or logo branded into a T-shirt?  Whatever type of customized shirt you may require, we can provide it!    You can choose from multiple permissions licenses as well as a one-on-one discussion of the design as well as the art/text which will go on the shirt.


        All logos, graphics, and other art must be included in your submission as an attachment.  Please provide them as-is; no editing will be done unless you wish to incur an additional 500L$ fee for graphical editing and touching up.


        You may describe the design of your shirt to us in your submission.  If you don't intend to have any specialized design; we do have a few standardized styles you may choose from:   

  • 1 color
    • Whole shirt is a single color
  • Two-Tone Sleeves
    • The sleeves are colored differently than the torso portion
  • Yoked (outlined or filled)
    • A yoke going across the shoulders is colored differently than the rest of the outfit
    • For an example of a yoke; see the grey part of the Star Trek: Nemesis Uniforms.


    Every Customs product comes with a choice of a permission license.  These license determine what permissions you receive when you get the object, and will dramatically affect your price.


Full License

  1. Full Permissions
  2. Redistributable; No resale
  3. Derivative works
  4. Must keep all references to TerraCo Designs if edited.

Standard Private Use

  1. [ Copy | No Trans ] Permissions
  2. Non redistributable; No resale
  3. Derivative works; cannot redistribute
  4. Must keep all references to TerraCo Designs if edited.

Single Copy

  1. [ No Copy | Trans ] Permissions
  2. Redistributable; No resale
  3. Derivative works
  4. Must keep all references to TerraCo Designs if edited.

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