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Custom Order


If you're interested in submitting a custom order request, then please read all of the following guidelines and restrictions for custom orders.

    • Nothing with transfer permissions will be made. Depending on the product, Modify permissions may or may not be permissible.
      • If you are buying something for mass-distribution, click here.
    • Your product request must be within our abilities. A list that loosely defines our abilities is provided further down.
    • Your product will NOT have an automatic update feature unless otherwise stated.
    • You understand that your custom order may or may not be sold to the public by TerraCo Designs vendors
    • Prices will vary with the complexity and type of request. A calculation will be provided prior to your request being approved. You will also be required to pay BEFORE the item is made -- if you are not satisfied with the results of the product, you will be refunded and the product will not be delivered to you.
    • This list is subject to change at our discretion.
Remember to be VERY detailed in your description of the product request. Be sure to provide mockups and images if necessary. A vague description may result in your request getting discarded.

Custom Order Restrictions and Abilities

This section outlines what you may and may not request custom-made. If something is not listed in either list, then feel free to send a support ticket or contact Chase Quinnell in-world to make an inquiry on whether we'd be able to full-fill your request.

What we WILL do (subject to case-by-case situations)

    • Customized Replicators (mockups recommended)
    • Customized Doors (mockups recommended)
    • Uniforms (must provide mockups)
    • Clothing (must provide mockups)
    • Combadge designs (must provide mockups)
    • Roleplay HUDs (crew HUDs will be no-copy/transfer)
    • Scifi related sounds ( may or may not be able to be satisfied )
    • Some Star Trek related furniture
    • Status signs
    • Rank insignia pips

What we WON'T do (subject to case-by-case situations)

    • Freebies
    • Forcefields
    • Mailboxes
    • Skins and body accessories
    • and other things I can't think of