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Affiliate Network

How do I get my affiliate vendor?

     Message Chase Quinnell in-world.  They are free of charge and you should receive your package in short order.  All messages go to my email inbox which is checked daily.

Purpose of the Affiliate Program

    The purpose of our affiliate program is to broaden our customer-base and to allow our most loyal customers to take an active role in supporting our business.   With vendors across the grid, TerraCo has left an impact on the Star Trek community.  It can make an even larger impression with loyal customers hosting a resale or affiliate vendor of their own.


Affiliate Vendor Agreements

  • I promise NOT to drop vendors in unauthorized locations;  this includes sandboxes and public areas that are not designated a shopping area.
  • I promise to legally obtain my location in-order to place my resale vendor.
  • I agree to provide support for my customers' questions, and if I am unable to help, refer them to a certified TerraCo staff member.
  • I promise to behave respectfully towards my customers, no matter how rude or inconsiderate they may be.  It's just good business sense!

Articles of Agreement 

     By setting up an Affiliate Vendor, you agree to abide by the TerraCo Code of Conduct, the Affiliate Vendor Agreements, and finally, you agree to act in a manner that brings credit to TerraCo Designs.  Failure to comply with any of the Articles of Agreement may result in a termination of service.

    Termination of Service

                A termination of service can be one or more of the following:

  • Deactivation of any resale/affiliate vendors that the person in question may own.
  • A restrictive ban from the TerraCo store.
  • A notice to all locations hosting a TerraCo vendor to warn them of said person's grievous actions.
  • Termination of customer support for person in question. 

TerraCo Code of Conduct

    This is a code which all TerraCo staff and affiliates are required to abide by.

  • I agree to provide my inquisitive customers with answers as best as possible.  If a question should arrive that I am unable to satisfy, I shall forward them to the TerraCo website or one of TerraCo's official staff members.
  • I agree to behave in a manner that puts TerraCo Designs in a positive public opinion.
  • I agree to not spam residents or place obnoxious signs advertising my TerraCo vendors.
  • I promise not to engage in grievous behavior while representing TerraCo Designs.