If you have something you would like custom made that falls under the 'Available Orders' list, you can fill out a form for a custom product.      ( Details )

Custom Group requests | Quartermaster Orders (mass-usage) UNAVAILABLE

Have a business, organization, or group requiring custom items or uniforms?  Check out our Quartermaster Department.   ( Details )

Affiliate Network

A network of TerraCo vendors throughout the grid that are privately owned. ( Details )

Official Vendor Placement

Request placement of an official TerraCo vendor, rather than just having a "resale" vendor.  ( Details )

Rental Services UNAVAILABLE

All rental and tenant services are listed here.  ( Details )


The TerraCo UserGroup is based on HippoGROUPS technology.  You can join it without having to forfeit any SL group slots because it operates separately from SL group technology. ( Details )