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Star Trek Sound Package

TerraCo Star Trek Sounds Content List

    7 Computer Beeps
    2 Computer Warning Beeps
    "Access Denied"
    "Automatic Defence Procedures Initiated"
    "Command codes verified"
    "Command functions are offline"
    "Computer standing by"
    "Define parameters of program"
    "Direction unclear, please restate request"
    "Input algorithm not accepted"
    "Link established"
    "Lockon complete"
    "Starboard nacelle not functional; maximum availible power: 50%"
    "Now establishing data-link"
    "Picard command codes are no longer valid"
    "Please specify how you would like to proceed, sir"
    "Priority one broadband distress signal"
    "Procedure is not recommended"
    "Specify parameters"
    "Stability loss was due to an impact by a subspace interphase pocket"
    "Standing by"
    "Systems online"
    "That is correct"
    "That is not a valid question"
    "The captain is not on the ship"
    "Transfer complete"
    "Unable to comply"
    "Warning, outer hull breach"

    TOS comm beep
    Warp core hum
    Warp speed sound
    2 Hailing frequencie sounds
    Engage Warp
    Disengage Warp
    Phaser fire
    2 Explosions
    Red Alert
    2 torpedo launching sounds
    charging up sounds
    shooting sounds (scifi themed)
    bomb shot
    flyby sound