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hippoRENT and JVA Bot Group Inviter

Plugin for hippoRENT and JVA Bot: Automated Group Invite

JVABot and hippoRENT are REQUIRED for this product to function.

This plugin serves to connect your hippoRENT to your JVA Bot program. When a person rents from your rental box, your bot will automatically send the new tenant a group invite to a specific group and role. 


When you first insert the plugin to your rental box, it will ask for your bot's UUID and security code as well as the group name and role which you'd like to invite people to upon renting.

Bot UUID: this can be found on your JVA bot program's Advanced Preferences dialog.
Bot Security Code: this can be found/created on your JVA bot program's Advanced Preferences dialog.
Group Name: The name of the group which the new tenant be invited to.
Group Role: This is the name of the role in the group which you'd like your tenant to be a member of. If you do not require a specific role, then simply use "Everyone". The name of the role is found in the group dialog's Members & Roles > Roles tab.

Information Gesture Instructions
You may use the Information Gesture provided in the package to quickly populate all of your rental units with the appropriate information. Just edit the gesture to have the information specific to your group. 

Do not replace the "/###" portions of the gesture. Those are the chat channels which are used by the plugin. 

You must be within 20m of a rental box for the gesture to work


Plugin Script
Information Gesture: use this to help you in inputing data more efficiently and quickly

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