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Hazard Uniforms


The TerraCo Hazard Uniform is based loosely on the EFII Hazard Operations uniforms. Commonly seen during the 24th century (late DS9, ST: Nemesis, ST: First Contact, etc), Hazard Ops suits are used for extra protection in hazardous situations where combat, environmental difficulties, and rough terrain are present. Hazard Suits provide enhanced equipment storage as well as increased versatility. They come in all 3 of the standard Starfleet divisional colors of red, yellow, and blue. The TerraCo Hazard Uniform includes modifiable prim attachments such as boots, a utility belt, prim leg pockets, and shoulder straps. 

The uniform comes in the following layers and pieces:

  • Uniform Jacket (jacket layer)
  • Undershirt (shirt layer)
  • Pants (modifiable)
  • Utility Belt (modifiable)
  • Leg Pockets (modifiable)
  • Shoes