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Freebie Pack

"freebies, they win" - Chase Quinnell

A large array of all-new freebies. Permissions may vary.

Some of the things included in this pack are:
* Brand new freebie textures
* Various existing freebie texture packs
* A number of brand-new freebie uniforms
* A number of unique freebie clothing items
* Various freebie Star Trek related items(tricorder, tribble, phasers etc)
* A few unique food freebies(chicken, coffee, and others)

New in Version 1.94 - October 17, 2009
* Several goofy toys (Technology+ section)
- Mr. Bucket
- Random Tosser
- Facelight 7000
- and more
* New Phasers/weapons (Technology+ Weapons section)
- Rifle
- Classic
- Isomagnetic Disintegrator
- and more
* New sounds pack section
* New scripts (Scripts section)
- Notice pranker
- Youtube to Media Stream script
- Subnovan Alteran Stargate EMP
* Updated affiliate vendor pack (v2.62)
* and more

New in Version 1.91 - June 15th, 2009
* New Versions of the "Walking Music" toy
* Some new weapons in the Military Section
* New Gadgets
- Zeh Boombox of Win (wearable)
- TerraCo Medical Bed
- Conan O'brian Spoof
- GravityWalk HUD
* New Texture Package (44,100 textures!)
* New Relay for Life, American Cancer Society Box
* and much more!

New in Version 1.90 - April 27th, 2009
* New Section: Military
- Camoflauge Uniform
- Parachute
- Several weapons, explosives, and more
* Airline Texture Pack added (Textures sub-section)
* New radar freebie
* and more!

New in Version 1.89 - April 23, 2009
* Parachute
* Stand Attention poseball and animations
* Additional radar
* and more!

New in Version 1.88 - March 21st, 2009
* Updated Texture Source Pack (v1.3)
* New Freebie Radar HUD
* New freebie scripts
* Two new animation over-rides
* New "Cargobay" package added.
- includes cargo boxes and assorted construction objects
* Dance Bracelet toy (Technology+ pack)
* New FlipTitle and OOC Textchat devices added (Technology+ pack)
* FreeView TV

New in Version 1.83 - February 28th, 2009
* Added a new Sculpty Prim & Texture Set
* New music playing toy

New in Version 1.82 - February 14th, 2009
* Added a script package
* Included a new updated landmark to TerraCo & STI

New in Version 1.80 - January 26, 2009
* Added major Star Trek texture packs
* Couple new uniforms
* Organized Hierarchy for easier unpacking and inventory organizing
* New full-perm scripts, textures, and sounds
* Landmarks to sponsored Trek/Scifi hubs and shops added
* Added a readme file
* and more!

New in Version 1.6 - January 23, 2009
* Even more unique textures fresh off the press. Full perms!
* More freebie uniforms and accessories
* Additional gadgets and supplies
New full-perm open source notecard based teleprompter!

What makes this freebie pack so special?
Let's face it, TerraCo's freebie pack has the largest collection of common AND unique never-before seen freebies added to it regularly. We even do a little bit of advertising for it using XStreet's new product announcement forum and by sending recent in-world buyers of this pack an update notice if we issue a large edition.

So far, we have inserted many customized non-canon and canon Star Trek uniform designs into the freebie community (and not just those ugly ones). We issued a set of freshly made textures in theVersion 1.6 update which had full perms especially made for the freebie pack. We also have added several gadgets and gizmos from TerraCo's past or from things collected over-time from other sources.

It is safe to say that the TerraCo Freebie Pack is one of the largest ones available for those scifi freebie hunters out there.

Submit a Freebie
If you have a freebie you'd like to offer up for the Freebie Pack, check out our website and click the "contact us" link down at the bottom of the page. Make sure to include your SL name and a brief description of the item you're offering as well as whether you'd like to include a notecard or landmark with the item.

All submissions must be copy/transfer enabled and should have scifi or gadget related backgrounds. They can be anything from a nifty shirt you made to a hi-tech super duper Newbie scooper. 


More freebies soon to be added to this pack!

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