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Combadge HUD

The TerraCo Combadge HUD is a multi-frequency communications display.  Especially useful for roleplays, you can easily communicate with your away team on the surface from the comfort of your captain's chair.  Also a good tool for general group communications, combat ops, and more! 

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  • Multiple Configurable Frequencies*
  • One input channel*
  • "Hide" button
  • Toggle input channel listener on/off
* Can be customized in the settings notecard

When you first put on your Combadge HUD, you will notice a gold dot next to "Default Channel." The gold dot indicates the currently chosen channel.  

    Input Channel: 7
        To send "Hello Bob", you need to type "/7 Hello Bob" (without the quote marks).  You can customize this in the notecard.
        It won't send messages if the input listener is off (if the big square is red)

  • Help
    • takes you to this page
  • Landmark
    • gives you the TerraCo landmark
  • Reset
    • resets all scripts in the HUD
    • hides/un-hides the HUD so it isn't in your way
  • Big Red/Green square
    • turns on/off the input channel listener
Notecard Settings

   You can use the settings notecard to customize your input listener channel and your com output frequencies channels.  After saving changes, make sure you click the reset on your HUD.

Q: My HUD disappeared off my screen, how do I fix it?
A: This is usually a result of bad repositioning, try right clicking on something attached to your HUD to enter edit mode; then use your mouse scroll-wheel or press alt + left arrow or alt + right arrow keys.

Q: My HUD has stopped working
A: Are you in a no-script zone?  Have you tried the reset button?  Is the area very laggy?  If all else fails, contact Chase Quinnell for a replacement or visit the main store and use the redelivery terminal.

Q: Can I get a customized HUD for my group?
A: See Customization section

We do offer a customized HUD option for individuals.  For groups we have to do it on a case-by-case basis; the only way we can provide you with a group HUD is if you pay-per-copy (no copy/transfer) or have a commission dispenser (copy/no transfer) set up.  These options all require a payment for every combadge HUD you use.  There will never be copy/transfer enabled copies given out.

Thank you to the following people for their contributions to this product!
Chase Quinnell: shell, graphics, scripts
Ewan Mureaux: scripts