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Build A Bridge Set

Warning!  This product is not currently available.  Sorry.

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The Build A Bridge set includes several objects, textures, and a basic bridge outline which can assist you in the creation of your own bridge.  Everything (besides the freebie textures) come mod/copy/no transfer.  These items come without any scripts, which you can add on your own.

This product comes with several items, ready for editing, modifying, and remodeling for a perfect customized bridge!  There are even a couple freebie texture packs to get you started!

Note: Consoles, desks, and other items have been blanked of their textures.  What is seen on the promo-image is not necessarily what it will look like.  However, the bridge shell is not blanked.

Included Items

  1. Bridge Shell
  2. Aft Console (blanked)
  3. Forward Console (blanked)
  4. Wall Console (blanked)
  5. Railing Edges
  6. Captains Desk (blanked)
  7. Poseballs
  8. Chair (blanked)
  9. A briefing table
  10. Wall Replicator Shell (blanked)
  11. Alert System Shell
  12. 2 Freebie Texture Packs

Not Included

  1. Doors
  2. Viewscreen
  3. Functional Alert System


  • XstreetSL
  • In-World


Chase Quinnell - Remodeling, packaging, and re-texturing.
Ronin Calayan - Original Build