Oreo Imperialis

RECIPE: Oreo Imperialis Creamy Sensation
BY: Chase Quinnell


I sit here eating my night-time snack... looking at the oreos.. and then the cool whipped cream... and then I look at my screen. Oreo....Ordo...hmm. >:) 


1 standard eating bowl
1 tub of whipped cream (Cool Whip is recommended)
3 to 4 Oreo cookies
A touch of ice cream
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup optional


Get your Oreos, put them in a zip-loc bag and mash with your Imperator's Fist! Next, blast open the tub of whipped cream with C4 and place it into your bowl. Add the mashed Oreos. Next, select your weapon of choice ... spoon, fork, or spork, I don't care! (i personally prefer spoon, :P)

OPTIONAL Drizzle Hershey's chocolate syrup and add little pieces of ice cream around.

Your final orders: Dig In.

Serves 1 hungry Ordo.