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New Releases & Christmas 50% Off Sale

posted Dec 22, 2009, 12:47 PM by Unknown user

New Releases

I have released several new products in time for Christmas.  We finally have Enterprise era uniforms and even scripted rank pips for both Enterprise and STO uniforms!  We also have a new Terran Empire style Phaser Pistol with realistic beam effects!  Ever wanted to go incognito, Federation intelligence style?  Well, if the Federation had an organization as shady as that (which it doesn't!), it would use our Section 31 uniforms!

On top of all these new designs, we also updated many of our old favorites like the camos, future variants, and many others!

Christmas Blizzard 50% Off Sale!

Finally, with that biz out of the way... We are having a huge 50% off sale.  From now until December 31st, 2009, *all* TerraCo Designs and TerraNado products are 50% Off at the main location in the TerraCo Marketplace!  ALL products purchased from TerraCo Designs vendors cost HALF of their normal purchase price!  Buy a uniform for 100L$.  Get a Phaser Pistol for only 200L$.  Grab some casual-wear for 100L$ or less!  This offer won't live to see the new year, so hurry fast!

Offer ends Dec 31st, 09.  Valid @ main store only!

Chase Quinnell
Owner, TerraCo