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TerraCo Designs is a brand of Star Trek related uniforms and accessories in the virtual world of Second Life. The entire business and majority of products are handled, created, and sold by Chase Quinnell. We have locations scattered throughout the grid. Our most popular product is the Star Trek Nemesis uniform.  Aside from our prolific Nemesis-era uniform line-up, we have an extensive selection of other uniforms including Next Generation, Voyager, and even Star Trek Online designs.  You may also like our phaser weapons!

Note: Many of our online listings were taken down.  See in-world for full inventory.

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If you would like to obtain a set of affiliate vendors, please message Chase Quinnell in-world.  Click for more info.

Message from Chase

As I no longer play Second Life, I do not currently have any plans to release new products or designs.  I still have vendors based in the Queue location and wherever affiliates have vendors placed.  

Customer Service will still be provided as needed, just message me in Second Life.  All messages go to my email and will be responded to even if I don't log into Second Life.  

I truly enjoyed building up my enterprise and becoming a recognized brand in Second Life, but all good things..

Thanks for your patronage, and feel free to purchase any of my existing products from the last official location in Queue or any other affiliate vendor.

Chase Quinnell
CEO, TerraCo Designs
November 2015

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A look ahead, TerraCo 2015
    "forecasting the future"

These updates and improvements will be posted on our website as well as sent out through the TerraCo UserGroup.

On the chopping block:

  • There are no new releases planned at this time.
    • Customer service will still be provided.  Just send me an IM or email and I'll be able to help you as soon as possible.  All IMs go directly to my inbox.  I usually respond within 24 hours.

Chase Quinnell

CEO, TerraCo Designs

All original designs and content Copyright 2008-2013 TerraCo Designs. 
Linden Labs®, Second Life® and SL™ are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.

TerraCo is not affiliated with with CBS / Paramount Pictures, Viacom Inc. Star Trek ® in its various forms is a registered trademark of CBS.  All content and designs created here are believed to be made under Fair Use copyright laws.  

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TerraCo News

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  • New Home Location It has been some time since our actual relocation from the old HelmutSport sim.  As some of you may already know, the TerraCo Designs flagship store is now at the ...
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